In the shadows of despair, where darkness took its toll,

Two wounded souls found solace, and together they grew whole.

In the depths of despair, where anguish took its toll,

I found solace in the blade, a twisted kind of control.

With every cut, and each drop of blood that flowed,

My anger seemed to wane, but inside, I still corrode.

As days slipped by, people left one by one,

My self-inflicted pain, it seemed, had everyone on the run.

I couldn’t help but wonder about society’s cold embrace,

Why do they flee from those who need a helping grace?

Then, a fateful day arrived, and our paths converged,

I met a girl whose suffering, like mine, had surged.

Our scars were different, yet the pain was the same,

But she had the courage to share her anguish and shame.

I, in my silence, carried a burden untold,

While she confided in a therapist, her story she unrolled.

I could never bear to reveal the horrors I’d been through,

But she was different, brave enough to let the truth ensue.

The day we met, it felt like I saw myself anew,

In her, a stronger, more resilient version came into view.

Her arrival was like a sunrise in my desolate heart’s night,

She healed wounds she never caused, with a radiant light.

I couldn’t afford therapy, too scared to face that strife,

But she, my God-sent angel, became my lifeline, my light.

With her by my side, I found the strength to heal,

In her compassion and love, my wounded soul began to feel.

Every day, I’m filled with gratitude, my heart aches to say,

For she, broken herself, helped chase my sorrow away.

Like a skilled artist mending a tapestry torn apart,

She stitched the fragments of my soul, healing the wounded heart.


-Shangkirthana Punithan

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