In the canvas of life, with colors so vast,

There’s a masterpiece waiting, from the first to the last,

Each stroke is a choice, every shade a decision,

To paint a world of hope, a vibrant vision.

Let your words be the brush, your actions the paint,

Create a masterpiece, it’s never too late,

In the face of despair, let compassion ignite,

A fire of hope, a beacon of light.

Act now, my friend, with courage and grace,

Empathy and kindness, a smile on your face,

For in these small gestures, the seeds of hope sow,

And watch them bloom, watch them grow.

Build bridges, not walls, in this world we share,

Let empathy guide you, show others you care,

In unity, we’ll rise, our spirits will mend,

With hope as our message, together we’ll ascend.

As you walk through life’s gallery, take your stand,

With a palette of love, let your heart command,

Paint stories of resilience, of battles well-fought,

Of a world where compassion is tirelessly sought.


Each stroke of understanding, a brushstroke so bold,

In the portrait of kindness, let your story be told,

In the mural of courage, let your colors prevail,

A tapestry of hope that will never grow frail.


And when the storms gather, when skies turn gray,

Keep painting with hope, don’t let it fade away,

For even in darkness, your light can be seen,

A shimmer of hope, a radiant dream.


So, let your art be a beacon, a guiding star,

In this gallery of life, no matter who you are,

For together we’ll create, with courage and scope,

A masterpiece of love, “The Art of Hope.”


-Ramdi Sopian

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