In the silent shadows where troubles reside,

Swiftly intervene, let compassion be our guide,

A tender touch, a listening ear we share,

To mend fractured souls, showing that we care.

Like a gentle breeze that whispers through the night,

We extend our hand, offering solace in our light,

In the depths of despair, we stand side by side,

Nurturing wounded hearts, becoming their quiet guide.

Words unspoken, emotions held within,

We offer comfort, a safe haven to begin,

Through the stormy sea of feelings, we sail,

Helping them find strength, when hope seems to fail.

In the tapestry of stories, we weave threads of grace,

Understanding their pain, creating a safe space,

Through patient steps, we guide them to the shore,

Building bridges of support, forevermore.

No judgment passed, just an open heart,

Through the darkest moments, we’ll never depart,

Psychosocial care, like a lifeline extended,

A hand to hold, when all feels suspended.

Let us tread softly, like petals on a breeze,

Easing their burdens with our gentle expertise,

In unity, we stand, a sanctuary in the night,

Acting swiftly, building hope, in the face of plight.

For within our actions, a symphony of care,

A promise of hope, a life to repair,

In kindness, we find the strength to heal,

Guiding lost souls toward a future so real.

So, let us embrace, hand in hand we’ll strive,

To uplift, to support, to keep hope alive,

In every moment, every heartfelt touch,

Acting quickly, building hope, we achieve so much.


-Rollie Isran

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